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Amscan Avengers Assorted Set for Kids - 48 Pieces.

Amscan Avengers Assorted Set for Kids - 48 Pieces.

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  • Package contents: 48 pcs. Assorted Avengers gifts for kids. Package measures 11.5 x 9 inches and can fill 8 party favor bags.
  • Avengers-themed activities and games, featuring Captain Marvel, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America and Iron Man. Contains 8 flags, 8 hand stickers, 8 whistles, 8 spinners, 8 disc launchers and 8 maze puzzles.
  • This pack of plastic party favors features fun accessories to wear and activities for kids to do during the party. Perfect for gift bag packing at your little one's Avengers themed birthday party.
  • These assorted party favors are made of plastic materials with unique designs.

Product Description:

It's time to be a hero! Get everything for your amazing party. Have a great time with friends and loved ones and be sure to give your party guests something to remember your party with.

Give them as gifts for themed parties, add them to party favors or to their goodie bags.

Get the Avengers Power Unit Mega Mix Value Pack that comes with a variety of party favors like hand clappers, mini toppers, maze puzzles, disc launchers, flags, and whistles. It's the perfect gift for an Avengers themed party.

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