9 unique ideas to welcome the holy month of Ramadan!

In every month of every year, the month of goodness and blessings dawns upon us. It is the blessed month of Ramadan, which is considered a blessing from God upon His Muslim servants. Where it enjoys an important religious and social status among Muslims, in which the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained.

The most beautiful days of the year are about to arrive, so strive hard during these days and create unforgettable memories. Gather with your loved ones and families and enjoy an atmosphere filled with happiness, love and faith.

So, how do we prepare for the arrival of this great guest and spend the best times with all health and activity? Here are 9 ideas that will help you receive the holy month

1. Decorate the house with Ramadan decorations

Our joy will not be complete with the advent of the month of Ramadan without purchasing Ramadan decorations, as you can use various creative ways to decorate the house with Ramadan crescents, banners and colored lanterns.

Also, you can buy a Ramadan tree decorated with lights, clippings of stars, and Islamic decorations.

And not only that, but you can also prepare a room in the house to be the home mosque, and it is a beautiful idea for your children to motivate them to pray, and to teach them religious teachings in a creative and non-traditional way.

All of these things bring joy to the hearts of young and old, and make them feel excited to prepare for the month of Ramadan.

2. Celebrate your friends and loved ones on the occasion of the holy month

Start the month of Ramadan by sending greetings to your friends and loved ones, and greeting them in your own way, whether by phone call or via e-mail.

Ramadan will be an opportunity to reconcile the same relationship, and restore brotherhood and communication between relatives, so make the month of Ramadan the beginning of goodness for you and ending the opponents among you.

3. Create a special program for the month

The month of Ramadan is completely different from the rest of the other months. The acts of worship in it, such as fasting, Tarawih prayers, and others, make the shape of Ramadan different and distinctive, so we must make the most of it, by setting a schedule for the month through which we can write down the acts of worship that you will adhere to throughout the holy month.

Therefore, do not waste your time with useless things. Use it in obedience to God, and pay attention to prayer, because it is one of the most beloved deeds to God, after which you will feel unparalleled pleasure.

4. Follow a healthy eating pattern when breaking the fast

Be careful not to get full at breakfast and eat small amounts of food so that you don't get satiated. Since the stomach is empty throughout the day, therefore, you must take into account the gradual eating, so as not to cause you indigestion and health problems that you are indispensable.

Increase fresh fruits and vegetables and natural juices, and reduce your intake of fatty foods.

It is preferable to start breakfast with dates and a glass of water or milk. Dates contain healthy nutrients that are beneficial to the body, as they contribute to lowering blood pressure and relieving constipation. They also play a major role in preventing many diseases such as heart disease, colon disease, and others.

5. The need to exercise

Dedicate part of your time after Iftar to practice sports activities at home. This helps the body in the digestion process and thus prevents any accumulation of harmful fats on it.

6. Make time for family gatherings

Many of us are busy throughout the year, whether with work or in other circumstances. Therefore, the month of Ramadan will be a great opportunity to bring back family gatherings and Ramadan invitations, through which individuals participate in the Iftar rituals that create the most beautiful family memories.

These gatherings are capable of making children happy and making them feel love, warmth, and kinship ties, and even strengthen the bonds of relationships between families and loved ones.

Meeting at one table in an atmosphere dominated by love would reduce stress and depression, as a result of the presence of individuals beside you with whom you spend the most beautiful times and share your conversations and diaries with them.

7. Making a group competition among family members to read the Qur’an

One of the most beautiful things that you can do during the month of Ramadan is a competition between family members to read and complete the Qur’an throughout the month of Ramadan, and the winner will receive a special gift. This, in turn, enhances the spirit of competition and arouses their sense of faith.

8. Self-struggle to get rid of various bad habits

All human beings are sinners and the best of sinners are those who repent. Therefore, the month of Ramadan will be an opportunity for those whose sins are many so that God will forgive him and open a new page free of sins and misdeeds.

Do more acts of worship and perpetuate the remembrance of God on your tongues and supererogatory prayers. Strive yourselves to leave all sins of watching vulgar soap operas, songs and movies, and get rid of all bad habits. These are blessed days and they come only once a year. Therefore, present the best deeds that will benefit you in the Hereafter.

9. Online shopping for Eid items at the end of Ramadan

In the last days of the blessed month of Ramadan, it is customary to prepare for the purposes of the feast, whether by preparing sweets, cakes, maamoul, biscuits and other popular foods.

Likewise, the house is decorated with beautiful Eid decorations, whether through regular balloons or helium balloons and colored banners decorated with Eid writings.

And not only that, you can also buy fancy dress clothes for your children through It's Fiesta, in celebration of Eid Al-Fitr, these things bring joy to their hearts and make them feel the joy and joy of Eid.