١٣ فكرة للتجهيز لمناسبة قرقيعان رمضان

13 ideas to prepare for the occasion of Gergean Ramadan

Qergean Ramadan

The most beautiful ideas for the occasion of Ramadan Gergean

A few days separate us from the holy month of Ramadan, the greatest month of the year. This month is distinguished by its spirituality, the beauty of its atmosphere, and its joyful rituals.

Where young and old await him with eagerness and love, in which the ties of kinship and family gatherings abound, and the religious acts of fasting, breakfast and suhoor. In addition to the traditional customs and rituals that take place in it. Among these rituals that we will talk about is the "Qirqe'an".

Al-Qarqe’an is a special occasion in the Arab Gulf countries, its rituals are celebrated by the children of the Gulf in the middle of Ramadan, and its names differ from one country to another.

The children are equipped with traditional folk clothes, where the boys wear the white Gulf dress, and the girls wear the dra’a and the choker. And they begin to roam between the houses and alleys rejoicing, carrying with them embroidered cloth bags, to collect sweets, nuts and gifts from the neighboring houses, and to sing the most beautiful songs of popular songs on this occasion of Ramadan.

Where popular songs and chants differ in different Gulf countries, each country has its own popular songs, but they are all similar in their content and meaning, which is the supplication for the people of homes that God bless them in their sustenance in this holy month and prolong the life of their children.

Among the most beautiful things children sing to celebrate this beautiful occasion:

Gergean and Gergean, a short house and Ramadan
You are accustomed to fasting every year and every year
Peace be upon their son, O God, let him be for his mother, O God
Perhaps the spot is not its boundary, nor is it parallel to his nation
May God give you a house in Mecca to bring you back
Oh Mecca, the globe. O mother of chains, gold and light.

In this article, we will show you a set of unique ideas that will help you prepare the Qirqe'an rituals in Ramadan!

1. Presentation of sweets in distribution boxes decorated with shalky cloth and golden decorations

2. Decorating the reception table with helium balloons decorated with a Ramadan print and balloons drawn with the golden crescent

3. Preparing distribution bags of different shapes, such as distribution bags with a shemagh pattern for boys, and distribution bags for girls.

    4. Decorating the table with colored Ramadan lanterns

      5. Preparing distribution boxes covered with colored shalky cloth

        6. Buy bags emblazoned with the Gergean logo

          7. Putting the sweets in distribution boxes with an inner shemagh pattern

            8. Preparing a teapot and star-shaped distribution boxes with the Asakam min Awada print

              9. Print the names of your children on the distributions

                10. Gather the children around the dessert table to sing the most beautiful folk songs

                  11. Presenting cookies and printing appropriate phrases on them, such as Ramadan Kareem or Happy Holidays

                    12. Fill colored plastic cups with delicious sweets

                      13. Arranging the distribution bags in a basket of mats decorated with lights