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7 ideas for Princess Sofia's birthday party for girls

7 ideas for Princess Sofia's birthday party for girls

Your daughter's birthday is approaching, and you are sure to come up with a new and unique idea for her birthday party. If your daughter loves and adores stories of princesses, she will not find a better idea than the idea of ​​​​a party for Princess Sofia.

Today (Fiesta) we are preparing for you a complete guide to implement the idea of ​​the party and make it easier for you to apply it on your daughter's upcoming birthday.

Princess Sofia's crown

Of course, the owner of the party must be Princess Sofia, and the most appropriate thing is that she wears the famous Princess Sofia dress in the purple color, and do not forget the Princess Sofia crown on your daughter’s head, as well as the Princess Sofia mask. With this look, you will make sure that she is distinguished throughout the party.
Princess Sofia's crown Princess Sofia mask

Christmas invitations

You can design a simple and cute idea for the birthday party invitations, which are in the style of Princess Sofia, or download the invitation image below, change it to suit you, print it, and after it is finished, let your daughter present it to her friend.

Princess Sofia birthday invitations

party decor

The best options are always the simplest, and in order for the party to be simple and tidy at the same time, these are some additions to the decoration decorations that will make the place look beautiful and give the impression of the Princess Sofia theme to everyone present, such as birthday banners .. You can hang the banner (with adhesive tape) on the doorways and on the wall Behind the party table for photos.

Banner for Princess Sofia's birthday Princess Sofia triangle birthday banner

In order for the ceiling to be also decorated with the same decorations, you can use spiral Christmas decorations for the ceiling, and it is always preferable that they be placed above the party table as well.

Ceiling spiral decoration

Of course, for the party table, you can use the central decorations, which will give a very beautiful look to the table

Princess Sofia table decorations

Of course, we haven't heard about a party without balloons, right? From our point of view, balloons are an essential element for any party.. Firstly, our children love balloons, whether they are inflated with air or filled with helium, and secondly, because balloons give spirit and vitality to the place of celebration. They are distributed at the entrances to the doors and around the dining table, and do not forget to distribute them to the guest children at the party after.

Princess Sofia balloons Princess Sofia balloons

Princess Sofia foil balloon


The party table should be the same as the theme. Some additions to the table such as plastic plates, dining table cloth, plastic cups and paper napkins (because of the hosa) 😁 would be a perfect idea.

Purple dishes Princess Sofia plastic cups A set of spoons, forks and knives Paper napkins Princess Sofia Princess Sofia table runner

party cake

The cake or cake for the birthday party, of course, must be with a Princess Sofia print. Recently, cake shops and even private Instagram accounts have become creative and compete in making cakes of any character or shape, and for each cake stand, these pieces will help you to present cakes and cupcakes in an attractive way.

Sofia cupcake stand Sofia cupcake cups

Memorial photos

Why are you celebrating? Of course, because of the sweet and beautiful memories, and the pictures that you take for your daughter on this day, you will remember them years from now, and you will remember this beautiful party in all its details.. The wall photography backdrop helps you to take the most beautiful professional pictures of you, your daughter, and her friends, all you have to do is install them in a wall space Suitable (easy to install) bright light place and enjoy the most beautiful pictures.

Princess Sofia mural wallpaper

party gifts

In order for the beautiful and happy ending to be complete, we must reward the children who attended the party and give them positive energy and spread an atmosphere of joy among them. Distributing gifts is wonderful, especially for the girls attending the party, who also love and adore the character of Princess Sofia. These pieces of simple gifts are sure that they will like it. Distribute stationery The one with Sofia's print inside the bags and at the end of the party your daughter will hand it to all her friends who came for her.

Princess Sofia stationery Princess Sofia gift bags

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